Causes of a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter Powder That Keeps Returning To Your Pool

If your pool uses a DE filter system, one of the common problems you are likely to face with it is the powder getting into your pool. When this happens, getting it out can be tiring, time consuming, and expensive, especially if you decide to call in a professional. In addition, the pool will be unusable with the powder inside. Therefore, to help you prevent such inconveniences, here are some of the reasons why the powder keeps getting into your pool and how you can prevent it.

Lap Pool Costs

Many of the smaller lap pools are 25 meters long, which may be larger than most people can fit in their backyard. However, smaller sizes can be installed in your backyard and still be useful for you to practice your laps. Nevertheless, if you have the space for 25 meters, you may enjoy the extra space for swimming before you switch directions. You will also need to make sure the pool is deep enough so that you do not hit your hands on the bottom as you are swimming.

7 Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Pool

A swimming pool is a big financial investment that should provide many years of fun and enjoyment for you and your family. To get the maximum life out of your pool, you need to take good care of it. These tips will help you keep your swimming pool in top shape. Keep a Close Eye on Chemicals Chemicals can be a friend or foe to your pool. Unbalanced chemical levels can cause corrosion to your pool liner and any equipment inside your pool.

In ground swimming pool cleaning tools

If you have a swimming pool for home or commercial purposes, it is essential to keep it clean as part of the basic maintenance practices. Cleaning the pool is done in two ways. First, there is above ground cleaning, which involves the removal of dirt and solid debris on the surface of the pool. A good example of such debris is dried leaves falling from nearby trees into the pool. Secondly, there is in-ground cleaning.