In ground swimming pool cleaning tools

If you have a swimming pool for home or commercial purposes, it is essential to keep it clean as part of the basic maintenance practices. Cleaning the pool is done in two ways. First, there is above ground cleaning, which involves the removal of dirt and solid debris on the surface of the pool. A good example of such debris is dried leaves falling from nearby trees into the pool. Secondly, there is in-ground cleaning. It involves removing solid dirt and stains on the floor of the pool and the sidewalls. As you look to keep your pool clean, here are a few tools you can use for in ground cleaning:

The telescoping pole

The telescoping pole is the first tool that you need when cleaning the inside of the pool. It is a long pole with two holes at one end for attaching other cleaning accessories. The accessories are then firmly held in place by twisting the pole until it is firmly attached to the accessory.

The telescoping poles vary in quality and length. They are made using aluminium or fibreglass. Those made from fibreglass are generally heavier and they are ideal for attaching weighty cleaning tools such as vacuum heads.

The vacuum head and the vacuum hose

The vacuum head enables you to remove small particles of solid dirt from the floor of the pool. Preferably, you should vacuum the pool regularly, at least once or twice a week. The vacuum head is attached to the telescopic head such that you can vacuum a large area when standing on the edge of the pool.  Vacuum heads with wheels are suitable for pools that have concrete floors. On the other hand, vacuum heads with brushes work best for pools lined with vinyl. 

The vacuum head works together with the vacuum hose. The vacuum hose is a long tube attached to the vacuum head and used to drain out the dirty water filled with dirt from the floor of the pool. Before connecting it to the vacuum head, fill it with water to enable it to have a suction effect once the vacuuming begins.

Pool Brushes

Pool brushes are attached to the telescopic pole. They are used to scrub the floor of the pool. The brushes are particularly helpful in places that vacuum cleaners cannot reach.

The stain master

The stain master will help you remove stains on the floor or sides of the pool. It uses muriatic acid to remove stains chemically. The stain master is often used for spot cleaning in specific areas affected by spots of stain.    

For more information on pool equipment for cleaning, talk to a professional.