Lap Pool Costs

Many of the smaller lap pools are 25 meters long, which may be larger than most people can fit in their backyard. However, smaller sizes can be installed in your backyard and still be useful for you to practice your laps. Nevertheless, if you have the space for 25 meters, you may enjoy the extra space for swimming before you switch directions. You will also need to make sure the pool is deep enough so that you do not hit your hands on the bottom as you are swimming.

Installation Cost

Lap pool installation costs can vary, especially if you are building the pool in-ground. Get several quotes from different contractors so that you can have an idea how much they will charge you to install the lap pool size you want. Also, consider the minimums of your lap pool size. While you may want a pool larger than the minimums, even adding three inches of extra depth can add a large amount of extra cost to your pool as general costs run around $180 per square foot.

Additionally, the cost will vary on the time to install as the people working to install the pool will need to be paid. If your lap pool will be in-ground, it might cost a bit more as you need to allow time for the concrete to be poured and dry, etc. Your pool, depending on the size you want, may take up to six months to be built. Consider this as you are thinking about the possibility of installing a lap pool. If you want to swim laps in the summer, you should contact a contractor in the fall so you will be sure to have the pool ready by the time the air is warm enough.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance for a lap pool is about the same as a hot tub. Keeping good habits in relation to your pool is a good idea to keep the costs low. First of all, keep your pool covered. This will keep you from constantly having to clean out the pool before you swim. You will need to periodically add chemicals to your pool to kill the bacteria and keep the water safe. However, this is generally not very expensive. Additionally, if you want to keep your pool at a specific temperature, your maintenance costs will be a little more. However, if not, then maintenance will not be very high at all as you will only be paying for any chemicals you need to add.