Practical Tips for Keeping Pool Maintenance Costs Low

One of the biggest perks of installing a swimming pool in your backyard is enhancing property value. However, besides all the benefits that a swimming pool packs, most people forget ongoing maintenance costs. Notably, a standard-sized pool can cost a couple of hundred dollars to keep the water safe and comfortable to swim in. However, it is easy to keep a pool's operating costs low with new technologies. The maintenance tips highlighted in this article help keep operational costs low and make pool ownership an accessible luxury.

Introduce Wind Breakers

Most homeowners forget that pool water evaporates; hence, they do not make adjustments to accommodate the phenomenon. Unfortunately, wind accelerates the evaporation process, leading to high swimming pool maintenance costs. The reason is that water vapour rises faster in windy conditions, quickening pool water loss. Since you pay to heat and treat pool water, costs rack up fast since you lose the treated water to the atmosphere. Stopping wind from blowing over your pool helps keep maintenance costs low by reducing the amount of treated water that turns to vapour. A hedge or pool fence is an excellent windbreaker option for an outdoor residential pool.

Upgrade the Sanitation System

Sanitising pool water is essential to preventing algae growth and killing bacteria. Typically, pool owners have to buy liquid chlorine or shock pellets from local stores and mix them with a portion of pool water before pouring the solution into a pool. Although the sanitising technique works, newer technologies can reduce the amount of chemicals you need to buy to sanitise pool water. A salt generator is a perfect example of such technology, and it works by electrolysing and splitting regular salt (sodium chloride) molecules to generate chlorine. Since a salt generator produces chlorine on-site, it saves you time and money. Besides, a salt generator infuses chlorine to pool water at a consistent rate, preventing wastage.

Use a Pool Cover

If you own a pool cover, you already know it helps keep your pool clean by preventing debris from falling into the water. A pool cover also acts as a safety feature when a swimming pool is not in use, especially for households with young children. However, did you know that a pool cover also lowers chemical consumption? When you leave a recently shocked pool uncovered, ultraviolet rays from the sun break the chlorine ions, turning the chemical into vapour and releasing it into the atmosphere within hours. It means that you must shock your pool regularly, which can be pretty costly. Therefore, covering pool water with a cover allows the chlorine to last longer.

Talk to a swimming pool maintenance company for more ideas.