Could It Be Time to Repair Your Concrete Pool? 3 Ways You Know It

With time and continued use, your swimming pool will start wearing out. The cause and nature of the damage depends on the material used to make the pool. For example, concrete pools are a great investment for most homeowners. However, they are sometimes prone to cracking because of the expansion and contraction, and also the weight that the water exerts on the cement. If the situation is not remedied, the pool might shift or sink. Other pool types also have their unique weaknesses that lead to wear and tear. 

As the homeowner, you should always be on the lookout for indicators of possible pool damage. A small problem fixed on time prolongs the life of your concrete pool and saves you money. Call a concrete pool repair expert when you notice any of these three signs of damage.

The Grout Looks Discoloured

Grout is the cement that joins your pool tiles. In addition to joining the tiles together, the grout also prevents water from the pool from seeping into the layers below the tile and damaging the concrete. In the initial installation, the contractor should waterproof the grout to make it non-porous. Three problems can cause grout discolouration. 

First, it may occur because dirt and grime from the pool are getting lodged between the tiles. Secondly, it could be because of harsh chemical reactions. Acid cleaning solves these two problems. Also, grout discolouration could be from mould damage. The best solution here is to get an expert to reapply and seal the grout to prevent further damage.

Cracks in the Walls

Cracks are one potential occurrence in concrete pools. Small cracks are caused by the usual expansion and contraction because of extreme direct sunlight. Call a pool repair expert when you notice these small cracks. They will seal them to prevent further damage. On the other hand, if the cracks are large and many, you may want to resurface the entire pool instead.

Blockages in the Pipes

Another common sign of pool problems is blockages in the pipework. If the water coming out of the pipes is dirty and you have a functional filter, call a pool repair professional. They will check the condition of the pipe that feeds the water to the filter, or the one which takes water away. The expert will then repair the broken pipe and ensure the filter is working optimally so that you can have a constant supply of clean water.

Investing in a concrete pool is an excellent idea. However, proper maintenance and timely repairs are critical if you want the pool to be in perfect shape for many years. Contact a competent contractor as soon as you notice signs of damage in your pool. They will fix the problem before it blows out of proportion and protects you from bigger repair costs.