Your Essential Guide to Choosing the Ideal Swimming Pool Cleaner

Regular cleaning of your swimming pool is crucial in keeping it hygienic and attractive. Investing in the right pool cleaner can save you unnecessary hassles and costs related to hiring pool cleaning professionals. Choosing the ideal pool cleaner can seem daunting and confusing, with the market flooded with superior brands and products. Here's an essential guide to consider to help you have a hassle-free experience when picking a pool cleaner.

Consider the Type of Pool Cleaner You Need

Before rushing to make any purchase, you need to look into the type of pool cleaners on the market. There are three primary types of pool cleaners on the market, including: 

  • Suction-side pool cleaners. These come with a hose attached to the skimmer box. They rely on the suction generated by its filtration system to suck all grime, debris and dirt.
  • Pressure-side pool cleaners. These rely on an existing pressure side line for mobility throughout the pool and are more powerful than suction-side cleaners. 
  • Robotic pool cleaners. These rely on an external power source since they are electrically powered. They are your go-to options for vast swimming pools. 

The Size and Type of Your Swimming Pool

Another critical factor to consider in your selection process is the size of your swimming pool. Generally, the larger the swimming pool is, the more dirt the cleaner you choose must deal with, meaning the pool cleaner must handle more water volumes and use more power to cover extensive areas. 

Therefore, invest in an energy-efficient cleaner featuring a more aggressive filtration system for expansive swimming pools. Additionally, determine the type of cleaner that will work best for inground or above ground swimming pools since the two are significantly different. 

The Cord or Horse Length

Your choice of a pool cleaner will also depend on the depth of your swimming pool. Ideally, deeper swimming pools require cleaners with longer hoses and vice versa. Hoses often come with manual cleaners, but you can also opt for robotic cleaners. 

The Price of Your Pool Cleaner 

Like buying any other equipment, your current budget and what the available pool cleaners retail at will determine the pool cleaner you should buy. Market prices vary significantly depending on the brand, type and manufacturer. Therefore, consult with reputable vendors and compare quotes to find high-quality pool cleaners in your price range. 

The Manufacturer's Warranty 

Finally, when purchasing a new pool cleaner, inquire from your vendor about the length of its warranty. Like any other equipment, pool cleaners can spoil after a while. However, a manufacturer's warranty will cover you if the pool cleaner fails before the warranty period lapses. The manufacturer can either replace the defective cleaner or repair it for you.