7 Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Pool

A swimming pool is a big financial investment that should provide many years of fun and enjoyment for you and your family. To get the maximum life out of your pool, you need to take good care of it. These tips will help you keep your swimming pool in top shape.

Keep a Close Eye on Chemicals

Chemicals can be a friend or foe to your pool. Unbalanced chemical levels can cause corrosion to your pool liner and any equipment inside your pool. You should carry out weekly checks on the chemical levels in your pool. Test and adjust the pH levels and check for calcium hardness, making sure total alkalinity (TA) is within range. You will get the best reading by taking a sample from around a foot deep, or the depth of your elbow.

Shock Treat Your Pool

Shocking your pool involves adding a substantial amount of chlorine or chemical sanitiser to your pool for a short time. This kills the organic matter that may be lurking in it, keeping it clean and safe to swim in. You should do this on a weekly basis, selecting the correct amount of chlorine for your pool size. A pool cleaning professional should be able to guide you on the proper quantity. A shocking should be done after a storm, as well as when your pool water looks murky. The optimum time of day to carry out this treatment is when the sun's gone down to avoid the effect of sunlight on the chlorine.

Top up Water

Water evaporates, and the average pool will lose as much as a quarter of an inch per day. Check your water levels weekly. Keeping your pool topped up helps preserve the life of your circulation system. If you are away a lot or simply want an easier life, you can install an automatic water leveler to do the job for you.

Skim the Surface

Do a daily skim with your clean strainer to remove the debris floating on top of your pool. If you do this daily, you can prevent rubbish from sinking to the bottom. Keeping debris to a minimum will reduce strain on your circulation system and save you money in the long run

Do a Regular Deep Clean

A weekly deep clean should include vacuuming the pool for sunken debris and cleaning the walls of the pool to prevent algae buildup. Choose an appropriate brush for your pool lining. It's good to keep a range of appropriate brushes with harder ones used for the more stubborn stains.

Clean Your Filter

To get a long life out of swimming pool filters, it is important to carry out a regular maintenance and cleaning. The process of maintenance and frequency of cleaning will differ depending on the type of filter you have, so consult your manufacturer's instructions first.

Cover Your Pool

Covering your pool when not in use will prevent buildups of debris and prolong the life of your circulation system. If you want to keep your pool warm, consider a cover that offers heat transfer.

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