Causes of a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter Powder That Keeps Returning To Your Pool

If your pool uses a DE filter system, one of the common problems you are likely to face with it is the powder getting into your pool. When this happens, getting it out can be tiring, time consuming, and expensive, especially if you decide to call in a professional. In addition, the pool will be unusable with the powder inside. Therefore, to help you prevent such inconveniences, here are some of the reasons why the powder keeps getting into your pool and how you can prevent it.

Too Much DE Powder

The first culprit to this problem is the amount of DE powder that you add to your pool filter. If you add too much of it, some of it will escape into the pool. The amount of DE powder you add will depend on whether the pool is a new installation or not. That is, if your pool is new, and you have never applied the DE powder before, you will need to apply the whole amount as directed by the manufacturer. However, if you are just applying the powder after backwashing the pool, then you may want to reduce the amount slightly because some of the powder might have been retained in the grids. To make sure you have the correct measurements, always use a DE scoop and not coffee cans or cups as alternatives.

Damaged Grids

Torn, broken, or worn-out grids are also another common cause. Damaged grids will leave room for the powder to find its way back to the pool. Therefore, carefully remove the grids and inspect them for any visible signs of damage. When doing this, remember to inspect the plastic collars or nipples that fit or attach to the pool's manifold. Check inside the grid framing too because the material covering it may be in a good condition while the real problem lies underneath. You don't have to replace the entire grid system if you find some of them damaged. Only the damaged ones need replacement.

Damaged Manifold

The manifold is the component that holds the pool's grid assembly together. Therefore, when inspecting the grids, check the manifold too for any hairline cracks, which would let some of the DE powder back into the pool. Replace the manifold if damaged. Also, inspect the manifold O-ring. If it's worn out or damaged, it won't seal properly, causing the powder to escape. Have it replaced if damaged.

Regular inspection of your pool is the key to detecting these issues and others that may also cause a similar problem.