3 Reasons To Choose A Variable-Speed Pool Pump For An Eco-Friendly Pool

During a typically brutal Australian summer, a pool in your backyard can be more of a necessity than a luxury, giving you a place to relax and keep cool during the hottest days of the year. However, it's a bitter irony that the energy costs of maintaining your pool could be contributing to global warming, making those unbearably hot summer days even more unbearable.

Consequently, more and more pool owners are taking serious interest in making their pools more environmentally friendly. One of the best ways to give your pool some serious green credentials is by replacing its existing single speed pump with a variable speed pump. 

What are variable-speed pool pumps?

Single-speed pool pumps always run at the same rate, and pump water through your pool's filtration system at the same speed and pressure. Variable speed pumps are different because the pool owner can adjust the rate at which your pool water is filtered, using less power when only minor filtration is required and more power when you dial it up to get rid of fallen leaves, dead insects and other pool water contaminants.

Why should I choose a variable-speed pump to make my pool more eco-friendly?

Lower power usage

As you can imagine, being able to run your pool pump at a lower setting when full power isn't necessary means that, over the long term, a variable speed pool pump will use significantly less energy, reducing both your energy bills and the overall environmental impact and carbon footprint of your pool.

However, even if you constantly run a variable pool pump at its highest setting, it will still use less energy than most conventional single or dual-speed pumps. This is because variable speed pumps do not use the simple induction motors used by these pumps.

Instead, a variable speed pump uses a permanent magnet motor similar to those used in electric cars, which are far more energy-efficient overall. This accounts for the higher purchase price of variable-speed pumps, but the significant energy savings you will make mean that variable-speed pumps pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Longer lifespan

The magnet-driven motors of variable-speed pumps also have less moving parts than simple induction motors do and are far less vulnerable to mechanical wear and tear. This means that variable-speed pool pumps can last significantly longer than single- or dual-speed pumps before they completely break down and need to be replaced.

Since any pool pump requires a significant amount of energy and resources to manufacture, being able to use your existing pump for several years longer than a conventional pump will make your pool significantly more eco-friendly.

Less noise pollution

Because variable-speed pumps have a minimum of moving parts and can be run at quiet, low-power settings for extended periods, they also generate significantly less noise than most standard pool pumps.

A less noisy pump isn't just useful for creating less annoyed neighbours; it can also have a significant positive effect on the wildlife living in and around your property. Excessive noise pollution can alter the behaviour of animals, particularly animals with sensitive hearing, so a quiet pool pump makes your property significantly less likely to adversely affect the animals that inhabit your area.

For more information on pool pumps, contact a pool contractor in your area.