Salt Water Pools Still Need Maintenance

If you own a swimming pool, you want to spend more time enjoying the facility than worrying about it. Perhaps this is why many people prefer salt water pools to other pool types. Saltwater pools automatically generate chlorine from the salt water by an electrolysis process. The chlorine then mixes with the pool water, eliminating the constant need for manual chlorination of the pool. Salt water pools are, ideally, easier to maintain due to this automation. But many people wrongly assume that this means the pool is self-maintaining. Before firing your pool guy because you have switched to a salt water system, here are some reasons why you may still need pool maintenance services.

Salt water pools also need other chemicals balanced

The only product your salt water system generates is chlorine. Pools require other chemicals, in balanced proportions, for optimal functionality. Products such as cyanuric acid for chlorine stabilization, sodium bicarbonate for alkalinity and calcium chloride for calcium hardness are all required from time to time. Your swimming pool maintenance person should frequently test the chemicals in your pool and make the appropriate chemical adjustments. A salt water pool that is not chemically maintained also succumbs to the various problems associated with these chemicals in other pools.

Salt water equipment and other pool components also need cleaning

Chlorine generator cells should be cleaned at least annually. The purpose of this cleaning is to remove calcium that has built up in the cells over time. Calcium buildup consequently reduces the amount of chlorine generated by the cells. This will ultimately lead to the growth of bacteria and algae in your salt water pool. Swimming pool maintenance personnel can ensure your chlorine generator is properly cleaned. Salt water pools also require their pumps and filters monitored and cleaned constantly. Debris such as leaves, rocks and even hair constantly get stuck in these parts and should be removed. With the right maintenance partner, this task can be done as frequently as weekly.

Salt water pools also require shocking

Many swimming pool maintenance professionals recommend shocking as a way of restoring your pool's effective quality. Salt water pools also require shocking. During periods when the pool is frequently used, it is good to shock your salt water pool at least weekly. In the low-use seasons such as winter, weekly shocking may not necessarily be important.

These, and many other tasks recommended for salt water pools, sometimes require the expertise of swimming pool maintenance professionals for proper execution.