How to Install a Swimming Pool According to The Tenets of Feng Shui

When you are a homeowner, you want everything inside and outside of your home to be just right. The kitchen should flow through to the lounge in an organic way, and the bedroom should be comfortable and conducive to sleep. But what if the ancient practice of feng shui could offer another dimension of "liveability" to your home spaces? Feng shui is the ancient art of organising your environment so that energy, or "chi", flows in a harmonious way. The belief is that when chi flows too quickly or is obstructed, it could have negative effects in other areas of your life.

So when you are installing a swimming pool in your back garden, how can you ensure that it subscribes to the principles of feng shui and promotes a good movement of energy?

Consider the swimming pool shape. Feng shui tends to avoid harsh corners and points. If the corner points in the direction of your body, your home, or a door, this is called a poison arrow effect. The poison arrow can hit your body and create losses such as the loss of money, the loss of a job, or the loss of your health in some respect. Avoid poison arrows by opting for a circular or oval shaped pool. Exterior poison arrows are even more harmful than interior ones, so your swimming pool shape is extremely important.

Consider the placement of your pool. As well as deciding on a shape, the placement of a pool in your garden can also have an effect on your life according to the rules of feng shui. The back left of your home is associated with prosperity, so if there is free space in the back left portion of your garden, this could be an easy way of encouraging that pay rise you have been hoping for.

Add other elements to your pool. According to feng shui, there are five main elements – water, metal, wood, fire, and earth. It is important to mix these elements in order to promote natural harmony in your living space, and it is fairly easy to do so with swimming pool construction. For example, ceramic tiles at the bottom of your pool would count as an earth element, a steel handrail would be a metal element, and an oak gate surrounding the pool would be a wooden element. Wood is a particularly good element to mix with water.

Follow these rules and chi will flow beautifully in and around your pool.