Make Your Pool Safer, More Usable And Better Looking With Pool Lighting

If you own a swimming pool, you can greatly add its value you by simply having pool lights installed. If you already have yours installed, you can still change them periodically to alter the ambience of your pool area. Pool lights can be installed at any time during the lifetime of your pool. However, the process is much easier if done when during construction or renovations. As you shall see below, lighting is a rewarding move that will transform your pool area for the better.

How to get pool lighting

If you want to get pool lighting installed, talk to pool maintenance contractors about the job. You can source the pool lights from them or buy them separately from a pool supplies shop. Your pool contractor will advise you on the best lighting options depending on your needs.

The process will require some areas of your pool walls or floor to be removed to create room for the lights. When installed, these lights will appear flush to the pool surface. They will not impede normal use of the pool at all. In fact, you may forget they are there after installation. They are also waterproof so they won't be affected by the water.

Benefits of pool lighting

  • Increase your pool's usability. With lighting installed, you can enjoy using your pool 24/7.
  • Improve your pools aesthetics. Lighting will make your pool light up at night, creating a vibrant setting for relaxation and social events.
  • Make your pool safer. Pool lighting makes it easy to see the pool surfaces, steps and hand rails at night. This will greatly improve safety and avert accidents from ever happening.

Your pool lighting options:

When you do decide to get lighting for your pool, you have several options to explore.

  1. Where to install the lights: You can choose to have the lights installed on the pool floor, the pool walls, or both surfaces. Each option will deliver a different type of glow to your pool.
  2. The type of lighting to get: Secondly, you also get to decide the type of lights to get for your pool. You can go for plain LED lights for a modern/contemporary look. Alternatively, you can go for multi-colored lighting that casts different colors onto your pool. This option is ideal for parties. You can also go for changing lights that can alternate between plain lighting and several different colors, allowing you to theme your pool in a different way any time you please.

Ready to add some light to your pool? Talk to a contractor —like Jims Pool Care — discuss the budget,  arrange when to carry out the installation and make your pool even better than it already is.