Salt Water Pools Still Need Maintenance

If you own a swimming pool, you want to spend more time enjoying the facility than worrying about it. Perhaps this is why many people prefer salt water pools to other pool types. Saltwater pools automatically generate chlorine from the salt water by an electrolysis process. The chlorine then mixes with the pool water, eliminating the constant need for manual chlorination of the pool. Salt water pools are, ideally, easier to maintain due to this automation.

Why Choose Concrete For a Pool Deck Material

When you add an in-ground pool to your home, you want to think about the surrounding deck. The deck should look inviting and relaxing, but it should also work well with the d├ęcor of your home and its overall style and be safe for foot traffic around the pool. While you can opt for any material you so choose for your pool deck, you might consider why concrete is a good choice for any home.

How to Install a Swimming Pool According to The Tenets of Feng Shui

When you are a homeowner, you want everything inside and outside of your home to be just right. The kitchen should flow through to the lounge in an organic way, and the bedroom should be comfortable and conducive to sleep. But what if the ancient practice of feng shui could offer another dimension of "liveability" to your home spaces? Feng shui is the ancient art of organising your environment so that energy, or "

3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Pool Pump

At some point, whether you bought your home with a pool already installed or you installed it yourself, you committed to a large financial investment. Pools require cleaning, maintenance, and often extensive upgrades over the years. Not to mention, the effect on your utility bill could be astronomical. One of the ways you can ease the workload and also the pressure on your checkbook, is to invest in a new pool pump.

Make Your Pool Safer, More Usable And Better Looking With Pool Lighting

If you own a swimming pool, you can greatly add its value you by simply having pool lights installed. If you already have yours installed, you can still change them periodically to alter the ambience of your pool area. Pool lights can be installed at any time during the lifetime of your pool. However, the process is much easier if done when during construction or renovations. As you shall see below, lighting is a rewarding move that will transform your pool area for the better.