To Frame Or Not To Frame - That Is The Question When Buying Glass Pool Fencing

Your new year present to your family is a new pool, and there are still plenty of hot summer days to enjoy swimming after the pool gets installed. At the moment, you are at the stage where you are considering the best type of pool fencing for this leisure area. You know you like the look of glass pool fencing, but you are not sure whether to get the framed or unframed option. These are the pros and cons of using frameless glass fencing around your new pool area, so consider these thoughts.

What is excellent about frameless pool fencing?

One of the top selling points of frameless pool fencing is the uninterrupted visibility offered by the glass. There are no steel brackets or framing around the glass to interrupt the view as you look into, and out of, your pool. There are two benefits to having total visibility. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also means nothing is obstructing your view when your kids are in the pool.

Tempered glass is used to make frameless glass pool panels, and this product is four times stronger than ordinary sheet glass. This strength means your glass pool fencing is safe around your children. In the unlikely event that the glass does break, it breaks into thousands of tiny pieces which are not sharp enough to cause harm.

Stainless steel poles cemented into the ground are the only part of the fence not made of glass. These poles are treated to prevent rust corrosion. Therefore, maintenance of a frameless glass pool fence is minimal. You need to clean the glass as needed and check the posts every six months. This lack of upkeep means you get to spend more time in the pool.

What is not great about frameless glass pool fencing?

One of the positives about this fencing is also a negative. Because the glass panels are frameless, they blend into their surroundings. For pets or children who do not realise the pool fence is there, a glass panel is a tough opponent to bounce off of when it is run into inadvertently. The good news is the glass is very unlikely to break thanks to its strength.

Frameless glass pool fencing is not the cheapest fencing option. That crown belongs to metal fencing panels found at your local hardware store. However, you need to decide whether you want budget or best-looking when considering if frameless pool fencing is for you.

Your pool contractor can give you specific cost details for frameless glass fencing now you are in the final planning stages for your pool.